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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mac User Facing Virus Threats?!?!?

Mac User is facing serious threat from Java -based plugin? Without Java, Mac User website experience won't be the same!? At the moment, analyst are working together around the clock to counter and minimise this threat!?!

At the moment, user is adviced to avoid flagged website!?!? Before using any software with java based platform please take extra time to read the user reviews and seek advice from experts!

Warning as another Mac Trojan virus discovered
by: Staff Writers

Trojan virus spreads to computers via emails

It is more powerful than its previous versions

Mac owners told to install latest security update

THERE'S more bad news for Mac users.

An online security company has found another virus that has been infecting the Apple computers via a Java plug-in, spreading across computers when people open email messages with links directing them to malware.

The virus is the second to be discovered in a week, after news earlier that more than 650,000 Mac computers had been infected with a Trojan virus known as "Flashback".

The chief security expert of anti-virus software provider Kaspersky Lab, Alex Gostev, said the latest virus is called "SabPub" - an abbreviation of its formal name, "Backdoor.OSX.SapPub" and has the potential to infect more computers than Flashback.

“SabPub is classic backdoor Trojan, so it opens full access to a victim’s system for attackers," Mr Gostev told Mashable.

"Flashback and its known variants is a downloader and clickjacking bot, which means it conducts click fraud scams by hijacking people’s search engine results inside their web browsers.”

This incarnation of SabPub is also more powerful than its previous versions.
“In February, SabPub was exploiting a Microsoft Word vulnerability, which was fixed a long time ago,” Mr Gostev said.

“The latest version of SabPub uses the Java exploit to spread infection in a more effective way because the Java exploit is delivered via a drive by download, which occurs when people click on URLs with malware via email.”

The security expert also said the attackers appeared to attack specific targets and had a select list of victims that was not very large.

Mr Gostev said Mac users could no longer delude themselves that they were safe from viruses. Before 2012, experts had detected 300 kinds of Mac malware. This year, more than 70 viruses had been detected during the past three months.
“We recommend users update their systems immediately with the latest security update from Apple,” Mr Gostev said.



And except this one.. Mac is also not user friendly...

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